Thursday, January 19, 2017

Los Lobos (with Dr. Jay Bowman on keys)

Los Lobos (with Dr. Jay Bowman on keys). Simply cannot believe my good fortune to have been invited to tag along on Los Lobos tours, but even luckier that my friends invited me to play keyboards on "Alone in a Crowd" in Faenza, Italy!  Just recently unearthed, a Los Lobos fan actually found an audience video of this Los Lobos show on a Russian “fan” site.  Only Steve Berlin, David Hidalgo, and Louie Perez knew this was happening. The look of surprise on Bugs Gonzalez’ face is priceless as I'm watching him for the changes. Since Steve uses in-ear monitors, I didn’t hear a single note that I played, but it was a bucket list experience of lifetime to join my rock heroes on-stage! Thanks to Steve Secor for editing and adding some of my behind-the-scenes pictures.

Team KO at Gull Road Location

A few Team KO members at one of our 3 Kalamazoo Orthodontics' locations. Innovative Orthodontics - Warm People - Beautiful Smiles at 5555 Gull Road (at the corner of Gull and Sprinkle Roads) in the Trillium Bldg. 
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Monday, January 16, 2017

Effect of Vibration on Molar Distalization

The 2nd publication from Kalamazoo Orthodontics - Dr. Jay Bowman's clinical research on the effects of vibration on tooth movement appeared in the November issue of the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics. This study involved our entire KO Team and required over 4 years of work with special thanks to Paige Calkins Easley for her organization during this detailed process. JCO - Journal of Clinical Orthodontics: The next article from the current issue explores the effect of vibration on molar distalization with 60 patients divided into experimental and control groups: The Effect of Vibration on Molar Distalization - Journal of Clinical Orthodontics Interest in vibration as a method of stimulating orthodontic tooth movement spans more than three decades. In 1979, Shapiro and colleagues published a report describing the use of pulsating piezoelectricity to stimulate movement in a single subject.1 Krishtab and colleagues reported a 150-200% incre... JCO-ONLINE.COM

Clear Collection Articles

Dr. Bowman authored a 2-part series of articles in Orthodontic Practice US on the Clear Collection instruments that he designed for Hu-Friedy. For more information: — with Jay Bowman at Kalamazoo Orthodontics - Dr. S. Jay Bowman.

Orthodontics for Adults - It's Not Just Kids' Stuff

Orthodontics for Adults - It's Not Just Kids' Stuff 

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Fun to have Braces

Sunday, January 15, 2017

KO College

KO College - educational experiences for Team KO. We've decided to schedule quarterly, in-office continuing education for our entire team. This endeavor includes delving more deeply into orthodontic biomechanics, innovations we've developed, and what makes us unique in the orthodontic world to benefit our patients.