Wednesday, August 15, 2018

All 5

All 5 members of the Alcaraz family are part of Kalamazoo Orthodontics' family of smiles. — at Kalamazoo Orthodontics - Dr. S. Jay Bowman.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Never Know Who You'll See

NEVER KNOW WHO YOU'LL SEE! Former KO patient, Brooke Stafford, was Team KO's smiling hostess at Sakura today for lunch - and she has a beautiful smile!

Team KO Hibachi Luncheon

TEAM KO HIBACHI LUNCHEON. Celebrating some birthdays and work anniversaries at Sakura. Surprised that our hostess has a lovely KO Smile (Brooke Stafford) and that 4 of the Kalamazoo Growlers were in the house. Good luck to them in the play-offs tonight!

Fall Out

FALL OUT - last chance to enter - follow this link:

KO Experience: Welcoming & Positive

KO Selfie Station

SHOW US YOUR SMILE at the KO Selfie Station!

Monday, August 13, 2018

KO / Growlers Outing

KO / Growlers Outing.  Big rivalry win over Battle Creek 17-3 for Kalamazoo Growlers. Most wins in season and made the play-offs for 1st time! Great fun in the sun for all in attendance with Kalamazoo Orthodontics.