Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Humbling and Kind Remarks

Humbling and kind remarks from an orthodontic colleague.

Gull Road Location Update

Gull Road - Kalamazoo Orthodontics Location.  Just a little revamping of our Gull Road location. At the corner of Gull and Sprinkle Roads (in the Trillium Building).

Selfie Samples

Selfie Samples.  Kalamazoo Orthodontics' Portage location features our "Buzzy Booth" Selfie Station for patients, parents, and friends to enjoy.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Core Process #4

TEAM KO TRAINING. Core Process #4 presentation by Susan. How we make each patient feel genuinely cared for. Personal service on the way to a life-changing smile.

New KO Smiles

New KO Smiles from Kalamazoo Orthodontics:  Audrey, Carson, Melissa, and Zachary.

Orthodontics Helped My Self-Esteem